Leatt Brace Body Vest 3DF black

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Leatt Brace Body Vest Protector 3DF


Like the 3DF Body Protector, the Back Protector uses new Leatt® 3DF, 3-dimensional impact foam that offers a soft and flexible fit and energy-absorbing protection upon impact. It also features MoistureCool wicking fabric that keeps you cool and the protectors in place. Leatt-Brace® integration, great comfort, great fit, impact tested- all in one product.

– Bio engineered, 3D contour back, shaped like your spine
– 3 dimensional designed for perfect fit
– Lighter weight for greater comfort
– MoistureCool wicking fabric keeps you cooler
– Easy to wear zip-up compression sock design, should be worn next to the skin for maximum evaporation
– Leatt 3DF foam for premium protection
– Removable foam for easy washing